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Angle Stop Adapter Valves

An angle stop adapter valve is a plumbing fitting designed to connect a water supply line to a toilet or faucet. This type of valve is often used in tight spaces where a traditional straight-stop valve cannot be installed due to limited space or access. The angle stop adapter valve features a 90-degree angle that allows it to be installed in tight spaces without compromising water flow.

Made from durable materials, the angle stop adapter valve is built to withstand high water pressure and resist corrosion, ensuring reliable and long-lasting performance. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for DIY plumbing projects and professional installations alike.

Easy to install, the angle stop adapter valve requires minimal tools and can be connected to a water supply line in just a few simple steps. It also features a shut-off valve that allows you to turn off the water supply to the fixture without disrupting the water supply to the rest of the building.

Overall, the angle stop adapter valve is a versatile plumbing fitting that provides a practical and convenient solution for connecting water supply lines in tight spaces. With its durable construction and easy installation, it is an excellent choice for both residential and commercial plumbing applications.

  • [Fits on All Standard Under Sink Water Valves] With the included conversion adapter it fits both 1/2 inch NPS & 3/8 inch Comp water supply valve
  • [Sturdy & Secure] The inner core is all sturdy metal and it extends continuously from the inlet to the outlet. A double locking system with a locking cap provides additional security by locking the pipe into position and at the same time increases pressure on the ‘O’ ring seal around the pipe for greater security.
  • [Hot & Cold] Suitable for use in hot and cold water applications
  • [Applications] RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Filtration systems, Ice makers, Automatic Coffee Brewers, Beverage dispensing, RV and Marine, Misting Systems, and many more.